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Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Our seasoned professional developers can practically utilise all available and modern technologies to construct sophisticated and enterprise class applications in either Monolith or Micro-service architectures.

Java, Python, PHP, Nodejs, Kotlin, .Net Core, Javascript, Jquery, C#, Swift, React Native…
JHipster, Spark, Spring, Vue, Strut, Tapestry, Hibernate, JSF, Grails, Django, Flask, Tornado, Web2Py, Laravel, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgnitor, PHPPixie, Angular, Bootstrap…
MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Oracle, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Mongo...

Graphics Design

Graphics Design

The power of clear, consistent branding that resonates across all of your business’s major customer touch points can’t be underestimated. Presenting a unified language - across visual, messaging and digital mediums is critical to creating systems that are familiar, bold and unapologetic of their value.

- Typography - Logos - Presentations - Illustrations - Complete Artwork Design & Asset Management
- UI&UX Design - Campaigns - Pamphlets - Layouts
- Photography - Motion Graphics - Web Design - Brochures
- Video Production - Strorytelling - Application Design - Poster Design

Getting your digital strategy right is complicated, but that's why we're here.

SEO and Digital marketing

Even for the best digital destinations in the world, it takes planning, commitment and first class execution to market your products. We know all about how to get the most out of your digital campaigns, your day-to-day, ‘business as usual’ marketing activities, and how to measure these to make sure you’re on the right digital track.

- SEO & Digital Marketing - International SEO Strategy Formulation - Fully Integrated Campaign Strategy Formulation - Brand/Business-aligned Social Strategy Formulation - Content Development
- Traffic Conversion - Site Structure Composition, Internal Linking, Crawlability, Meta Tags, Redirects, Site Maps & Speed - KPI Development - SEO & Campaign Audit & Reporting - Total Analytics Imposition

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Remain our client’s first choice by exceeding their expectations. Our client’s cannot simply be satisfied with our services, they must be impressed. Strive to be best in class and intercept technological developments which could improve our services.

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